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Years Of Experience

  • Buy IP
  • Sell IP
  • IP Search
  • IPS-Sharing
  • Find investor
  • Valuation of business project, IP-protection, PR-support and other services
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Our Misson

Creation of a global marketplace to trade Intellectual property as business assets, which will support economic growth and innovative progress of the world

Employment Increase

Creation of new jobs in the professions “Intellect Manager”, “Ethical IP Consultant” – specialists in the management of intellectual assets, their protection and monetisation. Training courses online and in the classroom format.

Infrastructure development of the market for intangible assets

Expanding opportunities to attract investment and capital in the field of intellectual property (IP) by creating accessible, understandable and effective mechanisms for monetization, ratings and market trading of intangible assets, and access for entrepreneurs to expert knowledge

Business Protection

Training entrepreneurs to modern methods of legal protection of their business developments from unscrupulous competitors, as well as an explanation of IP monetisation strategies

Strategic Business Goals

Innovative Trading Online-Operating System for IP-works

Advising on Intellectual Property Products and Works

Blockchain Verification of Transactions with IP-works

Arranging Deals in Investments using IP-works

Presentation of IP-works, Startups and Business projects to investors from different countries and regions

Providing Administration of Funds and Intellectual Property Portfolio

Possibilities to Sale IP-Licenses & Franchises in 172 Countries at the Same Time


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